Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

"Visitation and Quality of Life among Older Adults in Jail"

Prost, Stephanie Grace and Meghan A. Novisky

(In Press, the International Journal of Prisoner Health)

Health Information Seeking Behaviors in Prison: Results from the U.S. PIAAC Survey”  

Novisky, Meghan A., Schnellinger, Rusty P., Adams, Richard E., and Brie Williams

(In Press, the Journal of Correctional Health Care)

"The Keepers: Returning Citizens' Experiences with Prison Staff Misconduct

Novisky, Meghan A., Narvey, Chelsey S., and Alex R. Piquero

(2021, Criminal Justice & Behavior)

"Incarceration as a Fundamental Social Cause of Health Inequalities: Jails, Prisons, and Vulnerability to COVID-19"

Novisky, Meghan A., Nowotny, Kathryn M., Jackson, Dylan B., Testa, Alexander, and Michael G. Vaughn

(2021, the British Journal of Criminology)

"Racial Resentment, Empathy, and Support for Release During COVID-19: Results from a Survey Experiment"

Ivanov, Stefan, Novisky, Meghan A., and Matt Vogel. (2021, Socius)

"Prisons and COVID-19: A Desperate Call for Gerontological Expertise in Correctional Healthcare"

Prost, Stephanie Grace, Novisky, Meghan A., Rorvig, Leah, Zaller, Nick, and Brie Williams (2021, the Gerontologist).

Institutional Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in American Prisons

Novisky, Meghan A., Narvey, Chelsey S., and Daniel C. Semenza  (2020, Victims & Offenders)

"The Role of Negative Staff Behavior and Fairness on Perceptions of Post-Release Success Among Formerly Incarcerated Juveniles" Narvey, Chelsey S., Novisky, Meghan A., and Alex Piquero (2020, Journal of Crime and Justice)

"Gladiator School: Returning Citizens' Experiences with Secondary Violence Exposure in Prison"

Novisky, Meghan A. and Robert L. Peralta (2020, Victims & Offenders)

"Utilizing a General Strain Framework to Examine Behavioral Responses to Psychological Intimate Partner Violence: Are Responses Gendered?"

Pesta, Racheal, Peralta, Robert L., and Novisky, Meghan A. (2019, Journal of Interpersonal Violence).

"Avoiding the Runaround: The Link Between Cultural Health Capital and Health Management Among Older Prisoners

Novisky, Meghan A. (2018, Criminology)

"Pathways to Depressive Symptoms Among Former Inmates

Porter, Lauren C. and Novisky, Meghan A. (2017, Justice Quarterly)

Current Data Collection

"A Multi-Methods Study of Barriers and Facilitators of Compassionate Release During COVID-19"

Funded by the NIH (NIA) Aging Research in Criminal Justice & Health (ARCH) Network: $33,808. Jennifer James and Meghan A. Novisky (Co-Principal Investigator)

"Correctional Health Services for Older Adults: Older Adult and Caregiver Perspectives"

Funded by the NIH (NIA) Aging Research in Criminal Justice & Health (ARCH) Network; $25,000.

Novisky, Meghan A. (Co-Principal Investigator) and Stephanie Grace Prost. 

"COVID-19 and Families of Incarcerated Persons"

Breanna Boppre and Meghan A. Novisky (Co-Investigator). 

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